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Boiler Installation

We have a wealth of experience in boiler installation mostly acquired through many years of successful field operations. In Stanley, Normanton, Dewsbury, Pontefract and Horbury areas we deliver our packages at your doorsteps. This has eased your accessibility. Our customer desk and call centre is always open to receive your queries and orders.

Boiler installation is an elaborate process that demands research. This assists you to make an informed decision on the specific type to acquire. Here at Eco Efficient Wakefield, we live to the fact that few people really understand boilers. It’s for this reason that we have developed a free consultation package to educate you on the various designs and types of boilers that exist. We help to illuminate various aspects, so that you can arrive at the right decision.

Our gas safe engineers’ assists you to choose the right kind of boiler by putting all limiting factors into perspective. Depending on your budget, available space and purpose (home or commercial use) they guide you through till you are satisfied to make a decision.

Have we mentioned of our follow up installation packages? Well, they include general boiler repairs, and emergency response services among others. We go to that extra mile to keep you happy and comfortable. We try as much as possible to save you cost by keeping you abreast on the importance on regular inspection of the apparatus.

Do you have faith in your current service provider? Are their engineers competent and experienced in executing elaborate installation processes? Do they follow all the procedures laid down by the regulatory body to assemble and test the appliance in accordance with manufacturer's instructions? How then are you assured of the efficiency of the apparatus they have installed? And when they are done installing or repairing your boiler, do they always leave the site tidy and clean? If all answers are in the negative, then it’s the high time you gave us a call.

Our team of engineers care for your safety; they take all relevant cautionary measures to inspect and test the boiler, during, and after the installation process. This guarantees standards. This also helps to root out any potential complications that may arise during the normal operation of the apparatus. It also ensures your apparatus works effectively and efficiently.

Our services extend beyond boiler installation. Under our comprehensive package, we offer emergency and annual general repair and maintenance services at a very competitive price. Our engineers carry out a thorough inspection process on all the boiler component and controls to ensure that they are in proper working condition. They employ the latest technology to inspect and repair defective components. Regular inspection is helpful in that it prevents total breakdown of the apparatus.

Wherever you are located within Wakefield, we are just a call away. We respond to your need in a matter of minutes. For durable boiler installation service, do not hesitate to contact us. We are licensed and insured to operate in your area.

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