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Boiler Repair Horbury

Our Gas safe engineers waste no time to get to you. Using fast moving vehicles, they respond to your emergency suitably equipped to inspect and restore your boiler to it full capacity. By being punctual and keeping to set the time limits which the project should be completed, we save you money and time.

Boiler servicing is one aspect of many packages we offer. It involves repairing broken boilers, upgrading of old apparatus, installation new boilers and conducting general boiler maintenance practices. It is a wholesome package that attempts to cover every specified area including emergency response service. Our engineers have the relevant skills to sort you out as expected. 

Boiler Repairs
The superior technical knowhow our technicians possess gives us an edge over our competitors. We boast of a team of Gas safe registered engineers whose ability is unmatched in the whole of Horbury. They are well educated and trained to handle all kinds of boiler repairs. They are experts in fixing commercial boilers and take less than an hour to complete the job.

Boiler Installation

The size, model and purpose of the boiler are some of the factors we consider when advising you on the kind of apparatus to acquire. Boiler installation process kicks off the moment you visit our office. As we are aware of the challenges that usually arise in the course of the process, we always prepare you by explaining each step of the procedure. This clears any misunderstanding and the problem of miscommunication. We only take few hours to set up the apparatus according to the manufacture’s specifications.

Gas and Boiler Leaks

Are you suspicious that your apparatus is leaking? Are you worried of total breakdown of the boiler? Why guess or live in fear when our job is to fix that kind of a problem? In Horbury, we provide the best leaks solution at competitive prices. We employ superior tools to detect and seal leaks. Picking from a wide range of equipment, our engineers leave nothing to chance. We also ice the cake by giving you basic training on how to correctly detect gas and boiler leaks and what measures to take before help arrives.

Central Heating Installation

Substandard installation can lead to wastage of both time and money as full operational capacity of the heating system is not attained. For a renewable energy central heating, wet systems, electric heating, and ground source heating, we provide professional services any day of the week. Our service charges are dependent on the location, and size and model of the boiler to be installed.

Central Heating Repairs

Our engineers take the necessary measures to fix your system in the shortest time possible. Whether the problem is in the power supply or in the system’s components, a thorough inspection is carried out to identify the fault. Using the appropriate technique assisted by specialized equipments, our engineers quickly revive your central heating system to its full capacity.

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